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The Girl Who Owned a City
Settings: Glenbard


Settings: Grand Avenue
Settings: Glenbard
Settings: Farms
Settings: Warehouse

         Glenbard is one of the major settings in this novel. It was an old fortress of a high school, which stood proudly, high on a hill. Its walls were tall and made of brick.  This was the place where Lisa decided to move her people thinking it was safer. She slowly planned the whole thing out. There were rooms to teach as a school, there was a food area where they would eat everyday, a nurse's room for injured children, libraries filled with wonderful books, a strategy room: it was huge! And Glenbard would protect the children from fierce gangs such as one's like Tom Logan's. This was a better place than their street, Grand Avenue, for they would all be in one building rather than all different houses. And this building did help Lisa' s people. They had sentries on the places like the roof where they would be well protected by the surrounding walls. They had dogs that sniffed the scents of enemies who would trespass on their property. Glenbard was a place that was of great importance for almost half of the story. Without it, the children might have been captured and been dead long before.