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The Girl Who Owned a City


Settings: Grand Avenue
Settings: Glenbard
Settings: Farms
Settings: Warehouse


Dear Diary,

        It seems adults everywhere have disappeared from the world. I hate to say it, but I think I'm panicking. Only kids twelve and younger are alive. What are we going to do? Food is going to be going out of supply soon. I know, I'll start a gang. Those idiotic kids will be desperate for supplies soon. I'll tell them that if they join, I'll be sure to give them food and supplies. Of course, I'd keep a lot for myself, but they don't have to know that. Got to go get myself a gang!

                                                        Tom Logan

Dear Diary,

        Today I tried to make a deal with Lisa. I told her that if she'd give me and my gang some of her supplies, my gang would protect her. She's tougher than she looks! She actually had the guts to stand up to me and refuse my offer. No one has ever done that, because they know what will happen to them if they do refuse me. She'll be sorry she ever messed with Thomas Logan! I know; I'll do something really bad to her soon! That'll show her!!!

                                                       Yours truly,

Dear Diary,

         I heard Lisa crash the car into a garbage can last night. I then knew that the time was right to make my first move. My gang attacked the people on her street. I hit this kid on the head and headed strait for Lisa's house. Unfortunately, her little brat of a brother Todd had a rockslide ready. He pulled the cord and a rock hit me and knocked me out! My stupid gang didn't know what to do without me tell them, so we of course lost. I got back at her though. As son as I got conscience again, I went to Lisa's house and set fire to it! She's probably really scared right now! That'll teach her to mess with Tom Logan and the Chidester Gang!


Dear Diary,

      There is good news and bad news. We took over Glenbard today. That's the good news. The bad news was that when Lisa came up to see what happened ( the quiet alarm was sounded), one of my men shot her by accident. I honestly have never been so scared in my life. Sure I threatened to shoot her, but I never intended on doing that! Once I find out who the lousy person that fired at her was, I'll get him! I have a feeling things are going to change drastically!

                                       -Tom Logan

Dear Diary,

      Lisa came here to try to get Glenbard back. She wandered down the hall and stumbled into my room. She had a gun, but I convinced her to put it down. Once she did, I grabbed it, stood up, and aimed it at her. Then she started talking to me, and she hit my weakness. She new that I was afraid that I couldn't earn things for myself, so I resorted to stealing. She just kept on talking to me about it so I sort of gave up. She told me to leave so I did. I am writing in a hidden location; my gang and I are out of Glenbard- forever.

                                 Sincerely for the last time,

                                           Thomas Logan

  Tom Logan was an important part of this story. He was Lisa's enemy, and you can't really have a good novel without some sort of thing that gets in the way. That's exactly what Tom does. I personally think he makes the novel better. If Tom wasn't in this story, Lisa wouldn't have had an enemy and the story would have been based on anything. There wouldn't have been a war because Tom started the gang Lisa fought against. Lisa couldn't try to get Glenbard back because Tom wouldn't have been there to take it. As you can see, the story would've been almost nothing without Tom there.